"Wow Me Like You Wow Your Wife," says Jerry Jones in his Bid For An Emmy

Now it's the Texas Rangers owner's turn to appear on HBO's Entourage.

Who do they call to line that up? Mavericks owner Mark Cuban taped an appearance on the hip hit two weeks ago. Last Sunday night, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made his slightly-more-than-a-cameo appearance after having taped his work back in April. Cuban and Jones both view themselves as having some thespian chops. But it will be difficult for any owner to top Jones' signature line from his work: "Wow me like you wow my wife.''

Jones utters that gem to Ari Gold (or, as our Robert Wilonsky notes, "AIR-ee,'' as Jerry calls him)  as the Hollywood superagent works to get into the NFL business. Cowboys Stadium makes an appearance (good for the brand) and Cowboys PR boss Rich Dalrymple makes an appearance, too (good for Rich, a big fan of the show). But mostly, this is about Jerry. He seems to be doing some ad-libbing here and he talks a little Cincinnati Bengals and he talks about the NFL moving a team to LA and how Ari could be instrumental in such a deal.

What would Ari Gold like to name the team? "The LA Gold,'' he says.

We should not be surprised at Jones' success here. He once made an appearance on HBO's Arliss another show about an agent ... and I believe Jerry was the best thing about that ill-fated program. Jerry is also the star of stage and screen and pizza and soda pop and dancing at Six Flags with that creepy fake old man. Entourage creator Doug Ellin tells the DMNews that the episode wouldn't have worked without the participation of Jones.

"He's the face of the NFL,'' says Ellin, and y'all are permitted to fill in your own punchlines below.

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