Anvil Pub makes anchor on expanding Elm Street

The black-and-white sign went up in the window of 2638 Elm St. in Deep Ellum last week -- "Anvil Pub coming soon." Hey, guess what, there's an anvil on it. And the word "pub," which should verily perk up the ears of fellow East Dallasites clamoring for our very own multi-beer-walled, wood-grained, 'cross-the-pond-inspired outpost this side of the Ginger Man/Idle Rich/Blackfriar's/Trinity Hall. 

Word on the Twitter street is that the Anvil Pub will be a proper English-style outfit, serving food and more than 20 kinds of beers. Affiliated with some of the folks behind one of Elm Street's present saving graces, La Grange, Anvil's set to open in September, just in time for what I hope will be a plethora of refreshing autumnal brews and fall sunsets behind downtown. The kitchen is to be green, as in, sustainable and local. Oh, could the rumors be true? I'm meeting with owner Josh Bridges tonight to find out the truth. In the meantime, fellow anglophiles can feel free to fantasize in the comments with their hopes for the Anvil.

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