The Best Restaurants in Dallas for Takeout

Ly Food Market's pad Thai, shrimp spring rolls, pad kee mao and Lao sausages, all for a total of $31 (plus generous tip).
Ly Food Market's pad Thai, shrimp spring rolls, pad kee mao and Lao sausages, all for a total of $31 (plus generous tip). Brian Reinhart
We have some people in restaurants who really make the most out of their takeout menus. Many adjusted for prices to be more approachable, for presentations to hold up when the lid is lifted after a 15-minute drive and to keep everyone safe along the way.

Take chef Peja Krstic at Mot Hai Ba: He has evolved with a menu that's now quite different from the (let's face it, perfect) menu back when in-house dining was available. But he's taken time to experiment with things, such as a steamed and fried bun filled with Chubby Dog Farm pork. And there's another dish he and chef Joel Orsini has nailed that we're looking to write about soon.

Our writers have been eating out lately, maybe even more so as all of us want to support restaurants, and that's how our Good to Go series came about. It gives us a chance to get through as much takeout food as we can and share the best ones with you. It's also turning out to be a place where Nick Rallo and I can specifically focus on comfort food, something we all (so he and I think) could use right now.

Critic Brian Reinhart was the one who said, seemingly a year ago but actually sometime in early March, that we should focus on takeout reviews. I started thinking of names, and since I was craving tacos, I thought of chef Jeana Johnson's former East Dallas joint, Good 2 Go Taco. So, Good to Go became our series.

(Fun fact: I called Johnson to let her know I was thinking about using this name. She fully supported it. She also recalled years ago when I did a story on Good 2 Go, and how she thought I was writing for my college paper. I was writing for The Dallas Morning News, but it's fine.)

We wanted to compile all of the great takeout we've been eating so the next time you're wondering where you should grab breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can check here. Here are the Observer food writers' favorite places to get takeout these days.

click to enlarge A six-piece serving of Brick and Bones chicken - TAYLOR ADAMS
A six-piece serving of Brick and Bones chicken
Taylor Adams

225 BBQ

506 E. Main St., Arlington

Here, they're providing a glorious brisket and taco feast we can't get enough of. (Which is good — because it's a lot of food.)

Good to Go: Brisket Laden Cheesy Tacos at 225 BBQ Are Your New Weekend Plans

The Bodega at High Line

1400 Hi Line Drive, Suite 120 (Design District)

The breakfast burritos are a hit. Their sandwiches are mini safe havens on their own.

Good to Go: The Bodega at Hi Line Has Been a Safe Haven

Bubba's Cooks Country

6617 Hillcrest Ave. (University Park)

There's fried chicken, then there's fried chicken at Bubba's, where you get creamy mashed potatoes, plenty of well-seasoned gravy and perfectly crunchy fried okra.

Good to Go: The Comfort We Need From Bubba’s Cooks Country Drive-Thru

Brick and Bones

2713 Elm St. (Deep Ellum)

Brick and Bones' meals hold up perfectly well for takeout, and holy smokes, is that macaroni and cheese good.

Good to Go: Brick and Bones Is a Must for Takeout

Cattleack Barbeque

13628 Gamma Road, Farmers Branch

Yes, it's some of the best barbecue in Dallas-Fort Worth. But to make your trip worth it, take all the meat home and use these tips in our previous story to make excellent leftovers.

Good to Go: Cattleack Barbeque Leftovers Power a Week of Great Meals

Cowboy Chicken

5315 Greenville Ave., Suite 125 (Upper Greenville)
17437 Preston Road (Far North Dallas)

You can get a meal that tastes good and can be fairly healthy for you here. Among all the totally satisfying comfort food that may have less nutrition, this is a good complement.

Good to Go: Old Favorite Cowboy Chicken Shows Us How Takeout Should Be Done

The Free Man Cajun Cafe & Lounge

2626 Commerce St. (Deep Ellum)

This Deep Ellum spot for Cajun food is still providing excellent sandwiches and pastas.

Good to Go: The Free Man’s Muffuletta, One for Now & One for Tomorrow

Ginger Thai

6463 E. Mockingbird Lane, Suite 111 (Lakewood)

It's a large menu of Thai food, but the red curry is good enough to order on repeat.

Good to Go: Ginger Thai’s Red Curry Offers Special Blend of Sweetness and Spice

click to enlarge Thank goodness tomato season is upon us. - BRIAN REINHART
Thank goodness tomato season is upon us.
Brian Reinhart

Goodfriend Package

1155 Peavy Road (East Dallas)

It's summertime, the perfect time for a good BLT while sitting on the grass.

Good to Go: Yes, You Can Still Responsibly Picnic in the Park


4002 Oak Lawn Ave. (Oak Lawn)

Chef Matt McCallister has set meals to go for the household.

Good to Go: Homewood Searches for Answers for the Restaurant Industry and the Farms That Depend on It


9014 Garland Road (White Rock)

If sweets are what you gravitate toward for comfort food, head east of the lake for some of the best pie in town.

Good to Go: A Life-Changing Pie Experience Makes the Calories Worth It, and That’s No Humble Brag

Jimmy's Food Store

4901 Bryan St. (East Dallas)

Everyone knows they have the best muffaletta in town. Now they're prepackaging their sandwiches for easy pickup.

Good to Go: Find Lunchtime Relief Through Jimmy’s Italian Sandwiches

Jonathon's Diner

1619 N. Beckley Ave. (North Oak Cliff)

Yes, their chicken and waffles are excellent. And the sausage is perfect. And they cook eggs better than most in Dallas. But have you had that giant club sandwich?

Good to Go: Jonathon’s Club Sandwich May Be Better in the Privacy of Your Own Home Anyway


4931 W. Lovers Lane (North Dallas)

Here, they adjusted their menu for takeout with approachable a-la-carte items as well as meals for the whole family.

José Launches Curbside Taco Tuesday

Lakewood Landing

5818 Live Oak St., Suite 4334 (East Dallas)

Oh, Landing, we will always love you. And we'll keep getting those corn dogs to go because we can't wait to get back inside.

Good to Go: When You Can’t Be There for the Landing’s Corn Dogs, Zoom Is the Next Best Thing

Las Almas Rotas

3615 Parry Ave. (Fair Park/South Dallas)

Elotes, a giant burrito and mezcal to go: We miss you, Almas, but this will more than do for now.

Good to Go: It’s Your First Day as Chef. The City Orders Your Dining Room Closed.

Ly Food Market

4440 W. Illinois Ave., Suite 400A (Oak Cliff)

Pad Thai is delicious. But it turns out, if you let it sit in the fridge overnight and eat it cold, it may be even better.

Good to Go: Is Pad Thai a Dish Best Served Cold?

Malai Kitchen

3699 McKinney Ave., Suite 319 (Uptown)

Is there anything more comforting than a (to-go) bowl of noodles in the perfect sauce?

Good to Go: When Food Deliveries Fail, Malai Kitchen Leans on Noodles

Manhattan Project Beer Co.

2215 Sulphur St.  (West Dallas)

We found fries that actually travel well! Plus, you can get arepas, beer and coffee.

Good to Go: A One-Stop Shop for Arepas, Beer, Coffee and Fries

Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters

819 Exposition Ave. (South Dallas/Fair Park)

We love Noble Coyote because their coffee blends are always balanced and memorable. Since COVID hit, they've had a seamless curbside pickup process.

Good to Go: Noble Coyote Coffee Finds New Regulars with Curbside Pickup

Palmieri Cafe

920 S. Harwood St., Suite 100 (Farmers Market)

Italian espresso with Italian pastries brought to your car: What more do you need out of your morning?

Good to Go: Even for Takeout, Palmieri Cafe Makes You Pause and Savor the Moment

click to enlarge The toppings change every day for the cheeseburger at Parigi. It's $14 with perfect french fries. - COURTESY PARIGI
The toppings change every day for the cheeseburger at Parigi. It's $14 with perfect french fries.
courtesy Parigi


3311 Oak Lawn Ave. (Oak Lawn)

Parigi has a large specials menu that impressively changes daily. The burger is part of that, and they somehow always nail it, no matter the version of the day.

Good to Go: It’s Been on the Menu for Nearly 2 Decades. Now the Cheeseburger Is Curbside at Parigi.

Red Stix Asian Street Food

6501 Hillcrest Ave., University Park

Let's just say, after the reporting for this article, the writer became addicted to the duck fat-fried rice here.

Good to Go: You’ll Keep Craving the Duck Fat-Fried Rice from Red Stix

Revolver Taco Lounge

2701 Main St. (Deep Ellum)

The Deep Ellum spot is still serving these excellent tacos from its Main Street order window. Thank goodness.

Best Restaurants: Revolver Taco Lounge

Royal Blue Grocery

1 Highland Park Village, Highland Park
Two locations in downtown Dallas

Fact: A simple panini can really hit the spot, and Royal Blue knows how to make it just right.

Good to Go: A Reuben and Some Toilet Paper at Royal Blue Grocery


287 N. Bishop Ave. (Bishop Arts District)

Chef Justin Holt is still giving us great food out of this Bishop Arts spot. A changing menu that has us interested in every item has us wanting to keep returning here.

Good To Go: Yakitori is a Star of Salaryman’s Curbside Menu

Sandwich Hag

1902 S. Lamar St. (the Cedars)

The craveable banh mi and comforting curry are still available, plus chef Reyna Duong is seemingly constantly offering specials we can't pass up.
Sandwich Hag’s Bánh Tàm Xíu Mai Is Family Meal


4010 Maple Ave. (Oak Lawn)

The owners here are doing everything they can to make sure their menu has foods that hold up well for when you get home.

Good to Go: Bucatini Amatriciana at the End of the World

St. Pete's Dancing Marlin

2730 Commerce St. (Deep Ellum)

This Deep Ellum staple is around for a reason. You can get their ice-cold beers on the patio now, but if you want comfort food to go, here's the place to get it.

Good to Go: St. Pete’s Dancing Marlin Provides Solid Comfort Food

Sushi Dojo

This one's on the move with pop-up sushi deliveries. They're fresh and for a good deal.

Good to Go: Sushi Dojo Improvises and Delivers Sushi Across North Texas


1878 Sylvan Ave. (West Dallas)
8031 Walnut Hill Lane (Northeast Dallas)

This taco spot out of Austin has fresh ingredients and tacos we can't resist.

Good to Go: Steady, Flavorful Tacodeli Is Open Extra Hours for Your Quarantine Needs

click to enlarge Alambre from La Banqueta - TAYLOR ADAMS
Alambre from La Banqueta
Taylor Adams

Tacos La Banqueta Puro DF

1305 N. Carroll Ave. (Old East Dallas)

The alambre, with thinly shaved beef sauteed with peppers, onions and plenty of cheese, is divine. And the serving can last you for days.

Good to Go: Late-Night Greatness at Tacos La Banqueta is the Perfect Way to Wind Down

Taco y Vino

213 W. Eighth St. (Bishop Arts District)

They were prompt in getting a takeout deal going, and it's one that the neighborhood really loves.

Good to Go: Taco y Vino Has Oak Cliff’s Iconic Takeout Special


4017 W. 10th St. (Bishop Arts District)

What more does one need than a window where perfect tacos are handed to you?

This Weekend: Wash Your Hands, Order Takeout and Save Our Restaurants

Veritas Wine Room

2323 N. Henderson Ave. (Knox-Henderson)

Veritas has wonderful cheese plates to go with your wine, which you can pickup curbside. Even better, they've started doing wine tastings over Zoom. And it's fun, we promise.

Good to Go: A Bougie Edition – In Vino Veritas

Whisk Crêpes Cafe

1888 Sylvan Ave. (West Dallas)

The crepes here are phenomenal, from the savory to sweet options (we favor the Normandy with plenty of cheese and onion). The owner also gives meals away to Nutella crepe-lovers and the service industry.

Good to Go: Whisk Crêpes Are Good In Many Ways

Wu Wei Din Chinese Cuisine

2909 W. 15th St., Plano

We could hardly believe it ourselves: Xiao long bao to go is possible.

Good to Go: Plano’s Wu Wei Din Makes Travel-Friendly Soup Dumplings
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Taylor Adams has written about the restaurant industry for the Dallas Observer since 2016. Now the Observer's food editor, she attended Southern Methodist University before covering local news at The Dallas Morning News.