Know the Formula for Pie?

North Haven Gardens
Be jealous. I'm totally getting a piece tomorrow. Actually, I'm getting several pieces tomorrow...pieces of (hopefully) delicious pie.

North Haven Gardens is hosting its Fall Harvest Pie Contest and as luck would have it, I'm a judge. (Maybe they heard about my office birthday baking, because it surely can't have anything to do with my gardening efforts -- only two of my 15 potted plants this year are still fighting the good fight.) Along with local pastry chef Sara Newberry and a surprise guest, I will endeavor to taste the homebaked goodness (pumpkin, berry, chocolate, fruit, herb, fruit, you name it) of all the submissions and settle upon first, second and third place winners. Prizes include gift certificates, in various denominations, to North Haven Gardens and various restaurants. Yummy.

So, you're probably wondering why I'm gloating about packing in the pie. Here's the thing: Not only is the contest free and open to the public (submit pies Saturday between 9 a.m. and noon; more details and entry form here), but contestants will also get to sample their competitors' pies (score!), and NHG is also hosting three free food- and garden-related classes. Yeah, free.

Learn about canning and pickling at 10 a.m., fruit trees at 11 a.m., and "no-fuss" pie crust with judge Sara Newberry at noon (which is too late to use her own crust against her, see).

If you think you have a winning pie recipe, want to learn from the experts or just have a bizarre need to see me sugar-load myself into a stupor, you are welcome at North Haven Gardens tomorrow morning. I'll be the one who should've worn a bib.

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