Let's Get Smashed, Dudes!

2222 McKinney Ave.

Dude Factor: 8, or Orson Welles, on a scale of 1 (Britney Spears) to 10 (David Hasselhoff)

We'd been hearing positive buzz about the Addison Smashburger ever since it opened a little over a year ago. Unfortunately, we rarely go to Addison for burgers. We might venture up there once in a blue moon for some birthday churrasco or something, but until they remove that obnoxious exclamation point from the city logo and take torches and pitchforks to the Pete's Dueling Piano Bar, we'll continue to steer clear. Rabble rabble rabble.

Luckily, the folks at Smashburger had the presence of mind to open a franchise just down the street from Observer headquarters, where we couldn't help but finally stumble upon it.

Unfortunately, the first thing we noticed about the place was the horrible font on their sign, which instantly made us flash back to being twelve years old and getting ripped off on some used Nintendo stuff at GameStop. Once we entered, though, we found the menu -- other than the obnoxious smashing of food items (smashchicken, smashsalads, smashfries, etc.) -- impressive for a burger joint. Sure, you can really only get burgers, chicken sandwiches, hot dogs and salads here, but each of these are highly customizable, with three different bun options (classic egg, multi-grain and spicy chipotle) and plenty of toppings to pick from.

You can also pick from six different sides -- three of them are just different kinds of fries, but we dig fries, and we also dig the idea of a burger with a side of fried pickles (which were solid, FYI) or chili.

Smashburger bills itself as "every city's favorite place for burgers," a tall claim in a town with as many good burgers as this one, and judging by the two or three burgers we've sampled, they're not gonna run Angry Dog out of business anytime soon. That being said, they're still pretty damn good, and probably the least greasy burger option you'll find on your lunch break in this part of Dallas. Basically, you won't have any dreams about your Smashburger, but you won't need a two-hour nap afterwards, either.

The chicken sandwiches are pretty good, too, and we've taken to customizing ours with the spiciest picks for every option -- chipotle bun, pepper jack cheese, chipotle mayo and jalapeños. Still not all that spicy, but not bad, either.

If you've got a diet-bro that's watching his figure or a lady that won't induldge your Dude Food cravings every day, we hear the salads are good too, so don't let them stand in your way, dudes. 

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Noah W. Bailey
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