Picture Show: The Street Tacos of Dallas

Yesterday Taco Bell launched a new campaign: "Tacos." Cantina Tacos, that is, with corn tortillas. Heard of those? Apparently the Bell's years of "Meximelts" and Nachos Bell Grande weren't serving the trends anymore.

While Taco Bell was toiling away with test tubes and shredded gym mat meat for their tacos, Jose over here began his awesome journey via DART rail (or bus) to try the best tacos in the land and our photographer Sara Kerens decided to take some photos. In a sort of photographic essay, Sara took a trip to capture the street tacos of Dallas, focusing on Tortas La Hechizera at Inwood and Maple (East Side), beef fajitas at Taqueria La Paisanita, at Inwood and Maple (West Side), and beef fajitas at taqueria El Si Hay in Oak Cliff (601 W Davis St.).

See the full slideshow, The Street Tacos of Dallas, and make the jump for a couple of teaser photos. Mmm...tacos.

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