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James Pintello was tending his usual Sunday night shift behind the bar at Sevy's when he received a rather unusual phone call. Someone on the other line began quizzing him--full name, military service and so on. So the veteran bartender nipped the session and asked for a quick explanation. Don't want to give the revenuers too much info, after all. "I'm pretty sure I'm your son," the voice replied. Turns out a younger and wilder Pintello shipped off to Vietnam before anyone told him of his impending fatherhood. He never returned to that particular base, instead roaming the world for many years as a seaman in the Navy, marrying and starting a family. About 17 or 18 years ago he retired and took up bartending. Meanwhile, the son he never knew about, Brandon McCarver, began a lengthy search. And that's pretty much the story: McCarver in Ohio flipping through all kinds of information in his spare time hoping to find some tidbit about his father; Pintello building up a reputation in Dallas as a witty and talented bartender. No chance of ever hooking up, except that a few weeks ago, the son decided to Google and up popped several Dallas Observer Burning Question columns listing Pintello as one of the best drink specialists in the city. Last week they met in Las Vegas, a very happy encounter. "My other son is happy he has a brother," Pintello reports. Now let's just hope he continues to speak to the press.

Rich man's blues: Seems like every bar or restaurant opens a VIP lounge these days. The latest? Well, it's still awaiting finishing touches, but Main Street Blues Room in distant Grapevine expects to welcome members to "The Lounge" later this month. Unlike other snooty sections, Main Street's VIP bar fills a separate building, presumably to shield patrons from the unsavory deeds of unwashed townies. It features two bars, an appetizer menu, music and dancing. Like a regular place, really, 'cept it costs $500 per year to join.

Knox-ing around: A newcomer to the Dallas restaurant scene is developing an upscale Moroccan concept, Tangerine. Doesn't have a place for it yet, but he's shopping in the Knox-Henderson area. His name is Rocky... Obar hosts big-time New York DJ Ursula 1000 Friday, September 9 for an evening of what can best be described as jazzy mod Latin soul disco beats. He's a guy, by the way...Patz & Hall cart Napa vintages over to Oceanaire for a wine dinner September 19...September is anniversary month for Whisky Bar on Greenville. They're leeching onto the big three auto manufacturers' promo campaign by offering employee prices on booze.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.