The Dallasite Happy Hour: Where the Carpet Matches the Drapes, So to Speak

Each week, Quittin' Time gives you the lowdown on local happy hours.

Where: The Dallasite, 4822 Bryan St. When: Every day, 4-7 p.m. What: $2.25 domestics, $3 wells Monday-Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. $3 wells Friday. Why: Because unlike some bars in Dallas, where ambiance doesn't really match the pricing (if it's in a can it shouldn't cost over $2), The Dallasite brings cheap beer and Southern hospitality together in a pleasantly dirty dive.

It's like any good ol' small-town watering hole, transplanted to the heart of the big city: Beer signs, banners and neons cover every inch of ceiling and wall space, surrounding a corrugated metal bar, crowned with hardwood worn from 38 years of forearm abuse.

We were served by the owner herself, gruff and rough behind the bar, but always ready to fire up the grill for anyone who's had too many and needs a steak finger basket to soak up the alcohol.

"We take care of our own," she says. Since 1973, even some of the regulars who have since moved a ways away still drive back for happy hour or karaoke Friday nights.

Plus, on top of regular happy hour specials, Monday nights bring the Mexican flavor with $3 margaritas all night; Tuesdays keep it going with $2.25 Tecates; and Wednesday is happy hour all night long. Oh, and schnapps is always $3, so make Grandpa proud and spring for that peppermint shot to cap it all off.

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