Where to Find Pupusas in Dallas

Pupusas are the unsung heroes of Latin cuisine. Their crisped exteriors may not entice like a taco filled with pork, pineapple, and cilantro, but this humble exterior belies a rich and meaty filling that is nothing short of magical. Corn masa is shaped into a pocket, filled with meats, cheese, and other hopefully fresh ingredients, then fried to crispy perfection on a flat-top grill.

Most commonly you'll find Salvadoran chicharron inside pupusas, which looks nothing like the hard-fried pork cracklings you're used to. In El Salvador, chicharron is pork that has been slow-braised, fried in its own fat, then mixed with traditional spices, onions, and tomatoes. Salvadoran cheese, which is mild but slightly tangy, is also a common fixture. A spicy, fermented cabbage slaw, similar to Korean kimchi, is typically served alongside pupusas, and adds nice crunch and a little tang.

Unlike taquerias, you won't find a pupuseria on every corner in most Dallas neighborhoods. But anyone who is a fan of great street tacos and tamales should head out to one (or all) of these pupuserias in a hurry.

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Amy McCarthy