Cabaret Circus Acts at The Nines

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Roderick Pullum
Friday night at The Nines the performances for Crave Cabaret featured a German woman doing really cool stuff on a rotating pole after some intense floor work. Very sharp objects being strategically placed down the throat and nose trained professional with amazing tattoos. More sharp objects being lassoed from atop a six foot unicycle by a comedic magician. Amazingly, a large jelly fish with psychadelic designs appeared on stage then magically transformed into a burlesque performer. Also a local wig designer clad in lingerie, whip in hand danced for the crowd to Nina Simone's "Do I Move You". Unanimously the answer was yes. The cast of characters for Friday's production included Courtney Crave, GiGi Deluxe, Jennica Lynnlee, Smoldern' Scully, Jim Mackenzie, Miss Malicious and Pixie O'kneel. Photos by Roderick Pullum