Legalize IT! The 420 Edition of the Naked Ladies Reading

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Roderick Pullum
Inspired by the upcoming 420 holiday, this edition of Naked Girls Reading was dubbed "Legalize It". The selections chosen by each performer didn't necessarily have to do with the legalization of weed. It was more-so a mixture about the role that drugs in general play within society, pop-culture, race relations, and also a look into personality traits of people as it pertains to their drug of choice. The cast included as always the Co-Head Librarians Courtney Crave and The Dirty Blonde. They were joined by Pixie O'kneel, Honey Hula-La, and Athena Fatale. Some of the literary excerpts included work by writers Hunter S. Thompson, William S. Burroughs, and an entertaining how to guide from James St. James' book "Party Monster." The crowd was also enjoyed a hilarious reenactment of a recent speech by Attorney General Jeff Sessions (southern drawl included) about the evil of Cannabis. Photos by Roderick Pullum