The dining room at Tramontana
The dining room at Tramontana
Tracy P

Delicious Decadence


Party of Five, the television show starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and Neve Campbell, perfected the art of whiney, hormonal family dysfunction. Party of Five, the soiree featuring courses prepared by five swanky Dallas chefs, perfected the art of fine cuisine. This quintet from the leading chef-owned restaurants in the metroplex caters to the personalized palate in an evening of self-indulgence with Joseph Maher of Mirabelle, James Neel of Tramontana and Bistro Latino, Gilbert Garza of Suze, Sharon Hage of York Street and Bartolino Cocuzza of Amici Signature Italian working together to create a unique and unforgettable dining experience that won't send you on a midnight run to the drive-through. The five-course wine dinner is divided among the five chefs. Party of Five dinners have allowed these chefs to exchange secrets, share their families and create lasting friendships. It's Dallas' best over one stove. Party of Five is Sunday at Tramontana, 8220 Westchester Drive. Hors d'oeuvres begin at 5:30 p.m. followed by dinner at 6 p.m. Price is $125 per person. Seating is limited. Call 214-368-4188. --Danna Berger

Playing the Card

Dallas has an undeniably rich art scene. Do ticket prices keep patrons from flooding museums and theaters? When disposable funds are at a real low point--speaking from experience--the ArtsCard program offers a solution. For $20, ArtsCard members can get discounts and benefits at cultural venues such as the Science Place, Dallas Theater Center, Crow Collection of Asian Art and more than 20 others. ArtsCard and the Crow Collection offer a reception Saturday from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. with complimentary eats and drinks. The party is free, and the Crow is located at 2010 Flora St. For reservations, call 1-877-237-9639. --Merritt Martin

'Stache Man

John Stossel is known for two things: his hard-hitting and award-winning investigative journalism on ABC's 20/20 and his sweet, sweet bushy mustache. The former has made him the go-to guy for everyone who believes The Man is keeping them down. The latter is the type of macho-man soup strainer that very few men can get away with (Tom Selleck seems to be the only one, actually), and it's won Stossel an interesting group of fans. Well, fan. Local musician Bob McDevitt, front man for the Filthy Reds and author of such songs as "On the Road to Nicestacheville," showed up at a Stossel book signing in Austin a few years back, done up in full Stossel costume, including, of course, the 'stache. Bob, John Stossel will be speaking and signing copies of his new book, Give Me a Break, at Popolos Café, 707 Preston Road, on June 15 at 11:30 a.m., a visit sponsored by Texans for Texas. The ball is in your court. Call 1-800-694-8776 for reservations. --Zac Crain


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