Don't Dream It, Be It

What do Meat Loaf and Susan Sarandon have in common? Aside from their flowing locks, they both escaped the film-career killing that claimed their Rocky Horror Picture Show co-stars. After owning the role of sexed-up transvestite Dr. Frank-N-Furter, the brilliant Tim Curry was tossed asunder to forever serve as butler, hotel manager or all-around creep (at least Broadway loved him). Barry Bostwick was relegated to the small screen, where roles improved as distance grew between him and the flat tire that resulted in his being made a man, so to speak, by Frank-N-Furter. As far as the bigger names go, "Eddie" and "Janet" made it out relatively clean. Anymore, the tale of a young couple waylaid by car trouble, trapped in the house of a "Sweet Transvestite," and tainted by sexcapades, witnessing the animation of his blonde creation, Rocky, before besting his efforts to return to his home in Transylvania, doesn't seem so risque--but it does seem like a great reason to dress up as your favorite character and head to the Lakewood Theater where, as Riff Raff and company would offer, Rocky Horror's part of a "Late night double feature picture show" 9 p.m. Friday with Repo! The Genetic Opera. Tickets are $10, prop packs are $4. Visit
Fri., Oct. 29, 9 p.m., 2010


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