Grapes In The Dark

Woody Guthrie saw The Grapes of Wrath and said it was "the best cussed pitcher I ever seen." A lot of people agree, and now we've got the chance to see it up on the big screen just like he did when it shows for free at the Nasher Sculpture Center. The movie--directed by the legendary John Ford and starring the legendary Henry Fonda--came out in 1940, and was based on the book by the legendary John Steinbeck (you know it'll be good when "legendary" pops up three times in one sentence). Made in stark black and white, Ford chose authentic-looking actors and scenes so that his film would reflect the plight of Dust Bowl refugees as accurately as possible. In a time when everyone keeps throwing the word "recession" around, here's a chance get a glimpse of what real bad times looked like as you watch the Joad family's troubled journey to California. The film starts at 7 p.m. Thursday with a discussion after. Admission is free. The Nasher Sculpture Center is located at 2001 Flora St. Call 214-242-5100 or visit for more information.
Thu., Aug. 6, 2009


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