Once Bitten, Twice Shy

You can't help but be fascinated with what you're taught to fear. Maybe that's why we like brunettes in high heels and too much lipstick. And maybe that's why kids (and some adults) are so fascinated with snakes. Well, if you've got young ones interested in our slithery friends, The Heard Natural Science Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary has a program for you. Check out Rat Snakes to Rattlers featuring what is possibly the most complete public collection of live native Texas snake species assembled anywhere in the state. King snakes, racers, rattlesnakes and water snakes are all represented, and kids will enjoy fun activities like snake scavenger hunts, live snake feedings, "meet a snake," crafts and a giant crawl-through snake. Admission is $5 to $8 for adults. Members and children under 3 are free. Call 972-562-5566 or visit heardmuseum.org for more information.
Starts: June 16. Daily, 2008


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