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Best (Non-Brunch) Use of Eggs Dallas 2011 - Sfuzzi's wasabi deviled egg bruchette - CLOSED

Sfuzzi\'s wasabi deviled egg bruchette

Sfuzzi's wasabi deviled egg bruchette

2533 McKinney Ave.

Dallas, TX 75205


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Don't worry, these eggs aren't green, but they do pack a mean punch. Served on small rounds of fresh bread and topped with what appears to be egg salad but will make you want to smack your dining companion in glee, these equally crunchy and mushy little treats are the most decadent and perhaps fanciest comfort food imaginable. It's as though they fit into an enclave of your stomach the way you wedge into your favorite corner of your couch. With bits of crab and avocado to add texture and body to the spicy egg mixture, the whole assembly is simply perfect — the ideal finger-food pacer amidst happy hour drinks. And it's no coincidence the dish is a Sfuzzi creation: It's as dainty as the restaurant's female patrons and as aggressive as the men.
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