Bonus MP3: Eleven Hundred Springs -- "Great American Trainwreck"

This ain't your father's country music band.
This ain't your father's country music band.
In this week's Observer (on newsstands now!), I caught up with Eleven Hundred Springs frontman Matt Hillyer to talk about the band's just-released-this-week, sixth studio album, This Crazy Life. The subject matter of album, like so many other EHS releases, largely centers around gettin' through life by whatever means possible (drinking and smoking encouraged, thank you very much). This time around, though, it's from a slightly different perspective, as the band struggles to balance adulthood with its ongoing rock 'n' roll lifestyle.

And, well, it is a struggle. As Hillyer sings on "Great American Trainwreck," he's "just another boxcar in the great American trainwreck / You can't your eyes off of when I crash and burn."

Lucky for us, that "crash and burn" still appears a ways off. And, lucky for you, the band's been kind enough to pass along that track for DC9 readers to download for free. Grab it after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

Eleven Hundred Springs -- "Great American Trainwreck"

Dunno about you, but Hillyer's right: I do like my country music with a little bit of rock 'n' roll--just like what we've got happening here.

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