Meat Puppets at Dan's Silverleaf

It's hard to gauge how influential an album truly is. The Meat Puppets' 1984 LP, Meat Puppets II, is often cited by musicians as a seminal work, released during the halcyon days of SST. It's a ragged masterwork of country and rockabilly-infused punk, which, at the time of its release, was still years away from being cited as "cowpunk." Who'll ever forget Kurt Cobain turning that album's "Lake of Fire" into pained, acoustic catharsis on MTV's Unplugged only months before his death, 10 years after the record's release? In 2012, brother duo Curt and Cris Kirkwood are in the midst of another reunion, playing a few shows to promote last year's solid Lollipop and the remastered re-release of the album after MPII, Under the Sun.


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