5 Details From the Army's Investigation of Micah Johnson

A new batch of documents posted to the Army's public records portal reveals the details behind the investigation that got Micah Johnson sent home from service in Afghanistan in 2014, two years before the shooting downtown. Here are 5 details of note from the more than 130 pages of released documents from the soldier, who received an "honorable" exit from the military.

1. Johnson had a thing for women's underwear. — The Army found that Johnson stole multiple pairs of panties from a fellow soldier's laundry bag and then hid them under his mattress. Apparently, he'd been driven to steal the woman's underwear because she'd previously turned down his request for a pair.

2. Johnson was incapable of playing it cool. — When soldiers investigating the panty theft searched Johnson's bunk, they found the missing underwear under his mattress. Johnson then snatched the underwear out of the investigator's hands and ran off with it despite his claim that it came from another woman, not one of his fellow soldiers.

3. Johnson had history with the woman he sexually harassed. — According to a statement from the unidentified victim of Johnson's theft, she'd known Johnson for five years. At one point, during a conversation on Facebook messenger, he'd mentioned "tying her down and having her face down on the bed," but later claimed that his statement was a joke. The female soldier did not report Johnson for harassment before the panty theft, she said, because she'd grown up with boys and worked in a male-dominated field (engineering). It was just par for the course, she thought. 4. Before heading to Afghanistan, Johnson punched through a car window, severing an artery, because  he was angry. — The harassment victim says Johnson was mad because she was going to go to school more than six hours away from where Johnson lived with his mother in Mesquite. Johnson said he punched through the window because the pair was late to a movie:

"I did punch through a car window in front of [the female soldier] before, a few years back. I was going through a hard rough patch (I was stuck at a dead end minimum wage job that I loathed. I recently got into a car wreck and was forced to use my stepmother's bright red VW Beetle. Causing my father to have to take off work early and get there late to pick her up and drop her off at work. Almost causing him to lose his job. I was forced to borrow his money to get a crappy car that hardly ran. While living with my mother, her and I fought almost every day and I had nowhere else to live, because of no friends and not enough money.) Nothing at all was going my way. We were supposed to go see a movie that night and after the past few days I had I really wanted to get away from all the stress and drama for a little bit. But we were late for the movie and would of missed the first 30 minutes or so. She then decided not to see it at all and go back to her house and just call it a night. I was just frustrated at the events from before and I needed to let out some stress."
5. Panties weren't the only contraband in Johnson's bunk — After Johnson was sent home, Army investigators found a plastic baggie filled with pills for which Johnson did not have a prescription and an undetonated grenade in Johnson's bunk.
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