A Pro-Guns-On-Campus Buzz! (Someone Else Wrote It)

Buzz, you ignorant slut: On February 24, Buzz wrote about the likelihood that the Texas Legislature will approve bills allowing anyone with a concealed handgun permit to carry guns on college campuses. "What an effing dumb idea," we said. Some students at the University of North Texas disagreed, and because we're happy to exploit youths willing to do our job, this week Buzz turns over this space for their response:

Although this may surprise the Dallas Observer, college students do occasionally take a long enough break from binge drinking and watching Jersey Shore to participate in something constructive. In spring 2010, some of them even managed to become sober enough to form a student organization at UNT called "Texas Marksmen" (www.texasmarksmen.com) whose purpose is to promote safe and responsible recreational shooting among an incredibly "stressed-out" demographic. We hear the cry: "College students promoting safety and responsibility with guns?! What an effing dumb idea!"

The truth is that many college students already own guns and many already have concealed carry permits. There is no evidence to suggest that college-aged permit holders are more prone to lawlessness than their older counterparts. A number of college campuses nationwide already allow permit holders to carry on campus. Unsurprisingly, none have been renamed "University of Dodge City."


concealed handgun permit

Believe it or not, college students understand that seeking a confrontation with an active shooter is extremely dangerous. Even we—evil gun owners—understand that such duties are rightly left to professionals. All the concealed carry legislation does is provide people on college campuses with a means of defending themselves and safely escaping from confrontations with criminals. Is that such a radical idea? Do the writers for the Observer and the spokespeople for the Brady Campaign really believe that, when allowed access to guns, college students transform into rampaging lunatics?

We want college-aged individuals to learn how to use firearms safely and proficiently. We also want them to enjoy shooting as a lifelong sport and hobby. This is why Texas Marksmen provides training and is one of only a few (if any) collegiate organizations that host monthly "action pistol" and "action shotgun" competitions. Since our competitions are not restricted to college students (we welcome the public to compete with us), critics of this legislation should take some time to further their own education as we pursue ours. They would learn they have nothing to fear from licensed individuals—including students—carrying concealed handguns on campus.


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