Cementing a Move to Dallas

Cementing a Move to Dallas

This is a move sure to please these folks: Lehigh Cement Company -- a self-proclaimed "leading manufacturer of cement and construction materials in North America" that's currently based in Allentown, Pennsylvania -- is moving its corporate headquarters to Dallas early next year. Reports The Morning Call, "The relocation will potentially affect up to 100 employees, or about half of its 211 workers in the Lehigh Valley. Some of the employees will transfer to Dallas and others are being encouraged to apply for openings in Dallas."

Though it doesn't always sound like the best place in the world to work: According to this story from last month, a Baltimore woman recently won a $277,000 sex-discrimination settlement from Lehigh Cement. She claimed "its male employees had continually harassed her, made lewd gestures and even imitated sexual acts when she bent over." --Robert Wilonsky

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