Jupiter Lanes to Roll Its Last Ball Next Week

Jupiter Lanes to Roll Its Last Ball Next Week

A Friend of Unfair Park just sent some terrible news: Jupiter Lanes, that beloved old alley off Jupiter and Garland and home to the tremendous Hangin' Tens Beach Bar, is closing on June 3. I've left a message for majority owner Chuck Lande, but an employee there confirms the 52-year-old bowling alley, which closed in 2006 and reopened Memorial Day weekend '07 following a million-dollar makeover, is bankrupt -- and, on top of that (literally), there's no cash for a much-needed roof repair.

I've spoken to a few folks this afternoon, and it does appear there is some interest from investors who'd like to buy in and tidy up the place, but they'll most likely wait till the bank takes ownership next week. In other words, if you're a fan of this Best of Dallas-winner, you'd best get your frames in while you still can.

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