Some Locals Cutting Down on Expenses, Kinda

Some Locals Cutting Down on Expenses, Kinda

Middle-class Americans formerly addicted to begging and borrowing are spending less and saving more, reports Newsweek in a story about the death of the "latte era." To make the case, the story focuses on two local couples: 34-year-old computer engineer Brian LaCroix and his wife Yvette, who make $200,000 combined annually but "stopped frequenting a French coffee shop in Dallas" and bought an espresso machine; and 47-year-old marketing exec Alex Yakulis and would-be wife Meg Stewart, who're selling their gated-neighborhood, "million-dollar mega-manse in the affluent Dallas suburb of Frisco" for a house half the size and cost. You're welcome. --Robert Wilonsky

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