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What Median Rent Will Get You in Dallas

Although you are already well aware, either because you are one of the 66 percent of Dallasites who rent their homes or because you've wondered at the bewildering number of luxury apartments sprouting up around the city's core, the point bears repeating: The rent is too damn high. This is true regardless of the actual dollar figure because every dollar spent on shelter is a dollar not spent on other important stuff, like your kid's college tuition, or beer.

For all the bitching, and for all the hand-wringing over the city's godawful affordable housing policy, rent in Dallas really isn't all that bad. According to recently released data from the U.S. Census' American Community Survey, median rent in the city in 2014 (not counting utilities) was a mere $724. That's cheaper than almost any other big city in the country. Of the 15 most populous cities in the U.S., only two — Columbus, Ohio, and Indianapolis — had lower median rents. Dallas was also third to last in median income, but even factoring that in, Dallas rents are reasonably affordable. Calculating the ratio of median rent to median household income puts Dallas ninth out of 15 in terms of affordability.  That said, it's worth noting plenty of caveats. The census' calculation of median rent doesn't differentiate among size of housing, rolling an efficiency apartment into the same number with a house with four or five bedrooms. It also doesn't say much about the quality of the housing, as every one of what Dallas says are 190 "unsound" and "crime-ridden" homes rented out by the Topletz family tugs down on the median. Nor does it specify where the affordable housing is located, which is incredibly important for both families looking to send their kids to well-regarded public schools and for policymakers who value economic integration as a tool for creating an economically just and upwardly mobile city. In other words, good luck finding median rent in Lakewood.

But affordable living spaces of varying but often passable quality do in fact exist in areas all over the city. You can even find them Uptown, so long as you don't mind a roommate. Below is a taste of what median rent will get you in various parts of Dallas, complete with a representative Google review or Craigslist description, which should obviously be taken with a grain of salt, because Internet. Happy hunting.

Pleasant Grove
Rosemont at Sierra Vista 
9901 Scyene Road
Year Built: 2005
1 Bedroom 1 Bath
750 square feet
Google review:
I'm a current resident. If you're looking for the most decent apartment complex in Pleasant Grove, then this is a nice place. It's not some fancy, upscale apartment complex in is Pleasant Grove. It is low income, most people are on housing.
I have been blessed to live closer to the front office, and have good neighbors. So, my time here has been somewhat peaceful, except for the fact that the neighborhood kids have been a bit rough (I have 3 children). We try and keep to ourselves.
The pool is very nice in the summer, and stays under a tight watch by the front office. Only residents are allowed into the pool, and everyone must sign in and get an arm band to even get in. Which is a huge plus for me. The only downside is that the pool's hours are the same as the office hours, so it closes at 5. Kind of sucks for those who work 9 to 5.
Overall, as i said if you're looking for a decent place in the Grove, this is probably your best bet
Northeast Dallas
La Vita on Lovers
6603 E. Lovers Lane
Year built: 1973
481 square feet
Google Review:
decent living area. very old building but it has been renovated. The place has a ton of roaches. they do take your trash out for you. However, if you don't like animals or the smell of poo this place is not for you. You cant enjoy the very nice out door areas because of the smell. Management does not care about your situation and will [give] you no kind of slack, but [they] will be plenty late on their bills. The light bill didn't come in until almost an entire month late but they still expected you to pay it on time. their expectations are terrible. 

South Dallas/Fair Park
Rosemont at Meadow Lane
4722 Meadow St.
Year built: 2004
2 Bedroom, 2 Bath
1,000 square feet

White Rock Lake
Coronado Apartments
7414 E. Grand Ave.
1 Bedroom, 1 Bath
Year built: 1983
675 square feet
$699 - $729
Google review:
I advice people going to this apartment Complex to bare one thing in mind. No matter how promptly you pay your rent they don't like when u moving out. They will try everything to nail you with any little thing they find wrong in your apartment. No matter how clean it is they will always find something wrong. I live in this apartment complex for almost three years always pay my rent in time, but when it was time for me to move out they look for any little thing wrong with my apartment and they finally ate up the deposit and even charge me extra. i left the apartment even much more better than the way we meet it but i was still given all kinds of charges. People there is a very pretentious manager at the apartment. He will pretend like he is smiling with you but he is very cunning like a wizard getting ready to suck your blood.

Lake Highlands
Paxton (formerly Watermarke) Lake Highlands
9763 Audelia Road
Year built: 1969
1 Bedroom 1 Bath
738 square feet

Vickery Meadow
Wildflower Apartment Homes
8515 Park Lane
Year built: 1979
1 Bedroom 1 Bath
873 square feet
$680 to $760
Google Review:
Roach motel. Property not kept up at all as far as trash. Furniture outside dumpster for days at a time. Staff is friendly and maintenance can't keep up but they really do try. They allow pets, so expect a lot if poop on the grass area. A lot of kids and there are about 8 different cultures on the property. They do work with you on split rent and they don't really hound you when you are late. Staff 1-10 (8) Property itself 1-10 (6) I recommend this place if you have an old eviction and or don't have to many options. Not bad for the area, but could be better. 

Preston Hollow(ish)
Everton at Bellmar
10588 Stone Canyon Road
Year built: 1979
1 Bedroom 1 Bath
486 square feet
Google review:

With new management there tends to be growing pains. Construction around the clock, water being shut off with out warning (though they did remedy this after a phone call).
There management seems Non responsive and this makes it look like they don't care about residents. It looks like they kicked out most of the residents that have been with the apartment for years. The complex has a serious roach issue. And my guess is that current construction is only making it worse. They closed their offices on the weekends so working people may have a hard time reaching management. And during the week they are hard to find in the office to talk to. I've left work early multiple times only to find the office locked with no one in it. Their rates changed with out much warning, but that's to be expected when a new company takes over. The few people that haven't been kicked out of the apartment seem to be drug dealers, and families with children that have truancy issues. I've witness what has looked like a couple of drug deals since living here. It seems to be between this complex and the one next door. Recently there has been security at the complex so hopefully that may reduce some of that. Most of my maintenance issues have gone unanswered. I have an air condition that leaks, I have a stove that's broken. The ceiling is falling apart. I've complained for years but haven't had any resolve. Again this may be all growing pains. And it may be a great apartment in the future. But for those still here right now it has been a head ache. I wish them the best of luck. But I'll be looking else where to live. 

Oak Lawn/Cedar Springs Monterrey Village Apartments
2930 Kings Road
Year Built: 1966
1 Bedroom 1 Bath
663 Square Feet
Google Review:
IN MY ENTIRE LIFE I have never described such an incompetent service provided at the leasing office. Maintenance is the worst thing. In fact they don't have a Full Time Maintenance on site. Therefore they would lie about coming and repair our home. Or they would never come.
Your house could be flooding and they would not come.

That's not the only one problem. The AC unit is controlled by management. This last summer took them more than a month to "switch" or "turn on" the AC ... people were sleeping with doors and windows opened.

Infestation of roaches and spiders are provided 24 hours, and people think it is right, basically Monterey Village is the last of your options, when you think of the worst of the worst. that is this place.... 

Northwest Dallas
Santa Fe Apartments
9505 Brockbank Drive
Year built: 1983
1 Bedroom 1 Bath
785 square feet
Google Review:
I do not recommend these apartments don’t waste your time. They are filled with roaches and spiders. And kitchen cabinets are old and worn out. I did like that they had a little park for children to play but they have a pool that doesn't even open during the summer time. Each apartment is equipped with dryers and washing machines which is very convenient. You only get one parking spot (which I thought you got two for a two bedroom apartment, which I lived in) and if you want a second one you had to pay $25 every month. Neighbors were very nice.

However, they have horrendous management, I moved out in January and till this day I have not been able to get my deposit back. I lived in these apartments for six years and I moved to a bigger apartment within the same complex, which I was required by management to give a new deposit. The deposit I had given on my old apartment was given back without conflict but when I moved out of the new apartment a year later it had turned out that the so called “manager” didn’t fill in the deposit blank on the contract I didn’t notice it before because she said that in order to hold the apartment I had to give a $250.00 deposit before signing the contract. Of course I had lived in these apartments for years and I didn’t think anything of it so I gave the deposit. When I moved out of both apartments there was the usual wear and tear, which my father helped me fix most of them we repainted the walls and had the carpet washed. A few days later after completely moving out of these apartments I went back to the manager, Judy, and her assistant, Maria, said she was unavailable. I kept on insisting to talk to her and when I finally did she brought up the petty excuse that the apartment had a dirty carpet and washing it cost them $100. I’m not satisfied with any of their services, they are very rude and instead of helping with a problem they argue back. I’m going to get in contact with the apartment management company and try to get my $250.00 deposit back.

All in all after living here for so long I've learned my lesson and I will no longer be wasting my time with these apartments. I will not recommend them to any friends or family simply because of the service and rude employees. I finally found new apartments that actually take care of their residents.
Far North Dallas Tuscany Square Apartments
3637 Timberglen Road
Year built: 2001
1 Bedroom 1 Bath
573 square feet
Google review:
Nice apartments, grounds kept very well, always clean and new flowers planted regularly. Nice pool, maintenance is quick and effective. Management brought in new staff a few months ago, I've only met them a few times but they seem nice and willing to help in any way; which is nice because the previous staff members were mostly rude and acted as if I were a waste of their time. Parking sucks if you have more than one vehicle per apartment. Gym is nice, larger than most apartment complex gyms I have seen.

West Dallas Rosemont at Lakewest
3030 N. Hampton Road
Year built: 2005
2 Bedroom 2 Bath
Google Review:
I dont like it there its to much crime if you ever go there to visit there will empty lots or apartments becuase there is too much crime espicially burglary too many men and kids outside doing nothing but bad stuff and the gates mostly never work there was a time when they were working for like a week but then they broke down.

North Oak Cliff Bahama Glen Apartments
2540 Bahama Drive
Year built: 1984
1 Bedroom 1 Bath
788 Square Feet
Google review:
Well I would say there are two good things about this apartment. My neighbors are chillin and the location of my apartment is perfect. But the staff is hella annoying. I had to call 8 times about my a/c not working. Finally the 8th time, it is working. I threaten them to not pay until a/c is working, but they said I still had to pay or I get kicked out. That is some bull s***. I want to formally complain about these people...
Red Bird Arborstone Apartments
6500 S. Cockrell Hill Road
1 Bedroom 1 Bath
Year built: 1985
680 square feet
Google review:
We've only been living in the apts about 2 weeks now. Its pretty quiet except during the day when the kids are at the playground which is expected. When we 1st viewed the apartments I asked were there any 1 bedroom upstairs apts available and I was told yes to only fill out the app and be told that an upstairs unit was not available and they didn't know when one would be available. So we moved into the downstairs unit that was available at the time.. The apt it self is ok but the people that stay above us is very loud we get woke up out of our sleep at 2 or maybe 3 in the morning every other day seems like someone is constantly running through there apt you can never sleep.. 
Southeast Dallas
Las Lomas Apartments
6161 Trail Glen Drive
Year built: 1970
2 Bedroom 2 Bath
910 square feet
Google review:
well i just moved in and im loving my 3 bedroom it's spacious and i have large closet. So fare i love it i only been here a week but i let you know in a few months how im doing. But there great townhomes with lots of space for your family
East Dallas/Deep Ellum
5011 San Jacinto
Year built: 1965
1 Bedroom 1 Bath
620 square feet
Craigslist description:
This 9 unit apartment building is located near downtown Dallas. It is all bills paid. We just bought the complex and are making renovations now. Excuse the mess for now, but it will be a much nicer place when we are done. We have already started on clearing the overgrown brush, replacing broken windows, etc. We own and operate a large portfolio of properties, and will have this one in good shape soon. For now we are offering a very good value. It's only minutes to downtown Dallas, too.
Uptown Skye at Turtle Creek
2217 Ivan
Year built: 1998
1 Bedroom (Don't get too excited. It's seriously just a bedroom)
Craigslist description:
Hi. I am renting out one of my rooms in my high rise starting November 21, 2015. You will have your own separate bath and big walk in closet, all connected to your bedroom. All bills are included with your rent. The building is a luxury high-rise, it's called the Skye of Turtle Creek. No credit check, just income verification. Rent is $700/a month. Very low for this area! It's located right off the Dallas North Tollroad, so personal travel or work will be easy! There is a $500 deposit, in case of any damages that may occur, you will get it when you choose to leave. Minimum stay of 4 months, please. The two bedrooms are separated by the kitchen and living area, in the middle of the apartment. The apartment it's self is approximately 1,300 sq feet. There is no background check or credit check required, just income verification. If you are interested, contact me and look forward to hearing from you!

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