Horne & Dekker Want to Befriend Your Friends

You can't buy friendship, but you can surely buy an introduction.

That's the principle underlying the latest promotion from Horne & Dekker, the evolving comfort food spot on North Henderson Avenue. According to a Facebook announcement, the restaurant's offering a free entrée to anyone who "introduce(s) an H&D newbie to Shawn or Flynn" at Sunday brunch or school night dinner this week.

As free food offers go, the "BFF deal" is fairly generous: Entrees at Horne & Dekker range from $15-$30.

Although Horne and Dekker reportedly believe they've met me, I haven't yet made the acquaintance of either owner. So, you know, if you're looking for a dinner date...

There is a bit of fine print: There's only one free meal per table, so don't bring all your H&D-curious buddies on the same night.

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