Iron Fork 2011: Watch Scott Romano Make a Scotch Egg

A judge cracks into Scott's Scotch egg
A judge cracks into Scott's Scotch egg
Nick Rallo

One of the dishes that blew the judges minds at Iron Fork last night (still full, by the way) was Scott Romano's Scotch egg. A Scotch egg is traditionally prepared by hard boiling an egg, wrapping it in sausage and breading, then deep frying the whole damn thing. If you're an egg slut (an Anthony Bourdain nomenclature), this dish is for you.

Last night, Scott Romano wowed the Iron Forkers (and food nerds) by wrapping his soft boiled egg in the secret ingredient --California avocado. It was a fun process to watch.

Luckily, we were able to capture most of it on fancy pants video. After the jump, watch Scott Romano, chef at Charlie Palmer in Dallas, buzz through making a winning Scotch egg. A note: Scott mentioned during the process that he boils his egg for exactly 11 minutes to give it the proper runny-ness. (food-gasm).

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