Yourway Burger is the Perfect Spot for Cheap, Picky People

If you're one of those picky-as-shit people when it comes to ordering your food, one of those people who takes 30 minutes to order a burger and you "hold" and "on the side" so much stuff that it ends up just being a grilled cheese sandwich, Yourway Burger is the restaurant you've been wet-dreaming about all your life.

I got the No. 1, which comes with a one-third-pound beef burger, fries and a drink for $7.99. My cheap ass was glad to discover that, at least at lunchtime, there are no servers (which means there's no tip requirement) and you just walk up to the bar and place your order. The ordering drill is kind of confusing, so here's what you do: Instead of standing in the entryway of the place looking like a dong, pick a table and sit. Find the little Which-Wichy fill-in-the-blank burger forms at the table and get to imagining your perfect burger. When you're done penciling in your choices, order with the guy at the bar and wait about 10 minutes.

When you pick up your order, there's a mini Fuddruckers-style fresh veggie bar right there, so load up with lettuce, tomato and—if you're not planning on doing it with anyone from work today—onions.

My burger ended up being pretty tasty. I tried out the jalapeño bun, which I highly recommend. Although it was a square bun, it held the burger together nicely and stood up to the gallon of ketchup and mustard I added. It was a thin patty, and it wasn't greasy even with a slice of cheddar cheese on top. So, if you're in the Thick Patty Greasy Burger camp, this isn't for you. It was a solid step up from fast food, but not as big of a step up as it wanted to be. Tater tots came with my burger, but you've also got the option of battered fries, shoestring fries or seasoned curly fries.

I think from the giant size of the bar, the too-schmancy Steel-esque decor, the little table tent that boasts their wine selection and the flat screens everywhere, Yourway Burger is a happy-hour destination more than it is a burger destination. Which leads me to ask: Why the shit didn't they just name the place Happy Hour Yourway? Or Douchetown Bar & Burger? Maybe those names were already taken.


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