So long, Toys 'R' Us. Say hello to Dallas Vintage Toys and other toy shops.EXPAND
So long, Toys 'R' Us. Say hello to Dallas Vintage Toys and other toy shops.
Juan Betancourt

Toys 'R' Us Is Gone, But Here Are 8 Other DFW Toy Stores To Visit

Toys ‘R’ Us announced in March that it was closing all of its stores, ending the saga of its massive bankruptcy and struggling sales. On Friday, the company finally closed all of its locations.

Toys ‘R’ Us faced competition from online companies such as Amazon. It seemed to be making a comeback at one point, but more and more people skipped the lines and shopped online.

That doesn’t mean that it’s the end of shopping at a toy store. A variety of stores in the DFW area specialize in selling vintage and pop culture toys.

Toys can be as cheap as $2 or cost thousands of dollars. Whether it’s for collecting or playing, here are eight vintage toy stores you can shop at in the DFW area.

Here's DFW Toy StashEXPAND
Here's DFW Toy Stash
Juan Betancourt

DFW Toy Stash
2515 E. Rosemeade Parkway, Suite 215, Carrollton
Once known as DFW Vintage Toys, DFW Toy Stash is neat and organized for customer to easily breeze through the toy selection, which includes Star Wars, superheroes and even wrestling toys. Because superhero movies are trending, the store has a small room dedicated to superhero collectors. You will find your favorite modern or classic toys from the Marvel and DC universes, such as Spider Man, Batman and The Avengers.

Bring this giant R2-D2 home to your wife.EXPAND
Bring this giant R2-D2 home to your wife.
Juan Betancourt

Dallas Vintage Toys
12052 Forestgate Drive
If you’re a series toy collector, then this place is for you. Since 2008, Dallas Vintage Toys has been the go-to place for collectors. Once you see the life size R2-D2 in the store's toy vault, you won’t look back. You will find toys from the original Star Wars trilogy, Jurassic Park, Transformers and even Godzilla.

Piranha Vintage
205 W. Main St., Richardson
The Richardson store opened in 2016 but has gained a reputation for being the hub of the Dallas VHS community by hosting a monthly VHS swap meet. You may find that one rare, expensive toy here, but for the most part, you will cruise your way to purchase a $5 Furby or in-box Star Trek toys.

The Lost Toys
1451 Empire Central, Suite 700
The Lost Toys is one of few DFW toy stores to host a free monthly toy swap. The store owners also make parody videos to promote their swap meets.

Order 66
190 E. Stacy Road, Suite 1334
Since 2011, Order 66 has been a piece of heaven for Star Wars fans. The store’s name speaks for itself. (At least it does if you're familiar with Star Wars. If not, but you still want to know, go here.) It is dedicated to selling vintage and modern Star Wars merchandise and has one of the largest Star Wars collection in the DFW area. You might even find those toys you’re looking for.

Holocron Toy Store
3613 W. Vickery Blvd., Fort Worth
Fort Worth residents don’t have to travel across town to buy Star Wars merchandise anymore. Order 66 was one of the only dedicated Star Wars toy stores in the DFW area, but Holocron Toy Store opened its doors this year and has gained a reputation among Star Wars collectors. You can start by looking at the $6 vintage Star Wars toys, then move on to the modern or rare toys.

Retro Madness
424 Brown Trail, Bedford
Like many big retail companies, Toys ‘R’ Us also sold a variety of video games. There are many retail stores you can go to buy the latest video games, but Retro Madness takes you back to the past by selling retro games. The madness doesn’t end there; you will also find a vast selection of Dragon Ball Z and G.I. Joe toys.

Vintage Toy Rescue
1614-B N. State Highway 161, Grand Prairie
Since opening in 2016, Vintage Toy Rescue has rescued the Grand Prairie area by providing vintage toys. Kids will love its selection of toy cars, which include NASCAR and Hot Wheels. Like the rest of the toy stores on this list, the store will provide nostalgia as soon as you walk into its doors. You may even find some of the weirdest toys here. 

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