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Hello, Nelson
Hello, Nelson courtesy @nelsonthegoldendoodle
Two thoughts come to mind when your Instagram newsfeed features a dog account with more followers than you:

1. Wow, someone has way too much free time on their hands.

2. Wow, this dog is so cute; I must follow and like every single photo.

We bring you the best dog Instagram accounts Dallas has to offer. Get ready to say, "Awwwwww, I wanna kill myself!"

My new religion is Nelson the Goldendoodle, and I will dedicate my life to thee.

Nelson, the goggle-donning doodle influencer, is known for his hilarious videos. Watching sweet Nelson "licking cocaine" in his remix video of The Hangover is something we didn't know we needed to get through the week. Nelson's dog parents have stepped up their game with a blog to go with this Instagram account, so you can learn more about Nelson's favorite spots around Dallas. If you're a die-hard Nelson fan, you'll also follow his brother's Instagram accounts: Walter and Pirsig & Edwin.

We love you, Coco
courtesy @cocothecutestfrenchie

We'd rather meet Coco the French Bulldog than own 100 Chanel bags.

This rescued pup is the it girl of the dog scene. Not only does she never leave home without her signature pearls, but she can be seen about Dallas with popular locals, like JoJo Fletcher (The Batchelor). Coco (and her dog mom, we assume) is a strong advocate for animal cruelty-free products and make-up brands. She's photogenic, fashionable and popular and has all the makings of a strong Tinder profile.

You make us whole - COURTESY @ZEPHYR.TREKS
You make us whole
courtesy @zephyr.treks

If I could, then I would, I'll go wherever you will go. Way up high. Or down low. I'll go wherever you will go.

Can we hire Zephyr as a physical trainer? His Instagram shows off beautiful hikes and outdoor activities, which make achieving a summer bod look easy. Not only does Zephyr share custom discount codes on his favorite collars, but his Instagram is aesthetically pleasing. His color palate and editing style put our VSCO feeds to shame.

Put me in jail before I accidentally squeeze this tiny, fluffy face to death.
This "micro-influencer" goes by Miss Sophie. Her favorite things include her little brother Louis and doggy bakeries. This Shih Tzu packs a ton of cuteness in a tiny package. Follow to see this furry face dressed up in different doggy bandanas worthy of being called "pawsome."

This sweet face is so sad that even our tears are crying.

There is no shortage of extremely precious Goldendoodles on Instagram, and the Dallas dog scene is no different. So we couldn't help but add another to our list. Meet Kobe, the goldendoodle puppy who can be found wearing hats and sunglasses while he frolics about Dallas and gets into mischief at home. He also stares directly into your soul in every single shot. Your goddamn soul.

Go ahead, shake your money maker, Leo - COURTESY @LEONIDOPOLD
Go ahead, shake your money maker, Leo
courtesy @leonidopold

We will not rest or find happiness until we own a Yorkie and take it everywhere we go.

Leo the Yorkie posts for every #TwerkinTuesday, which is worth following in and of itself. As one of the more popular "pupfluencers" in the space, he often shares sponsored posts and most likely makes more money than all of us. But we aren't even mad about it because look at that face. Just wait until you see him in sunglasses.

The Bulldog with a smile that's so rewarding, so gratifying, you'll want to be put down because it's too much to handle.

What is it about a Bulldog's smile that makes us want to die of cuteness overload? Jess is an English Bulldog and if you think it doesn't get any better than her happy face, you're going to want to see her face of reproach. Spoiler: It's adorable.

Didn't know I could fall in love with a skinny greyhound, but here we are.

Raina and Dublin the greyhounds are Gay Pride advocates, National Mill Dog Rescue donors, and avid runners and swimmers. So what have you done lately? By the way, you haven't seen anything until you've seen these greyhounds in unicorn costumes.

Give me Winston the Boston terrier or give me death, I say.

Sir Winston the Boston terrier's portraits have such high-quality photography, it puts even our wedding photos to shame. He stands out by posting videos from his harness-strapped GoPro, showing off his many adventures. If you ever run into him at Mutt's, just remember, that's "Sir" Winston to you.

Two is better than one - COURTESY @GUS.AND.GABBY.MASTIFFS
Two is better than one
courtesy @gus.and.gabby.mastiffs

I would happily risk being killed under the weight of their 200-pound bodies just for the chance to cuddle these adorable mastiffs!

Gus and Gabby come from a mastiff-loving Army family. We respect that their huge bodies can primarily be found lying down and sleeping in various places around the house. Lastly, they're making us nostalgic for The Sandlot. Be sure to follow if you want s'more.

We don't deserve this
courtesy @cooper.thegoldenboy

Marry me, Cooper!!!!!!!!

Cooper is an Insta-famous golden retriever with as much advice as a mommy blogger. He posts his gift ideas, Q&A sessions, favorite Amazon products, and even has a "Like To Know It" account to make it easier for you to shop his recommendations. Also, like mommy bloggers, he may have a drinking problem. Just kidding. Hims a good boy.
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