Left 4 Dead 2... Electric Boogaloo?

The shit-talking comment section of Dallas AnimeFest’s website is already getting heated! Girls are calling each other out for wearing the same cosplay outfit two years in a row (for normal folks, that’s like re-wearing a prom dress). Gamers are threatening each other with avatar annihilation. Old dudes are slow-typing alerts that they’re bringing consoles from the ’80s that nobody’s ever heard of. Yep, it’s Dallas AnimeFest, and it’s back. This year, über dorks can swoon over a fresh crop of celebrity talent, like director/animator Koji Morimoto (Akira, Fist of the North Star) and real-life woman and anime director, Sayo Yamamoyo. (Roll your tongues back into your mouths, boys. And stop making those honking noises.) There’s also cosplay, live music by Ramen and Rice and DJs. See Reddit come alive at this four-day fest, which is happening at the Sheraton Hotel Dallas (400 N. Olive St.). You’ll need to buy a membership to attend, which costs between $45 and $50 dollars. Visit animefest.org.
Aug. 31-Sept. 3, 2012
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Jamie Laughlin
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