Mia Bally and Tristan Thompson look in love. But are they?EXPAND
Mia Bally and Tristan Thompson look in love. But are they?
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What's Been Happening on Married At First Sight in Dallas? Glad You Asked

Practically everyone in the world is talking about Married At First Sight in Dallas. People have some thoughts and people want to know more things. And because you — yes, you, the poor person reading this free online article — don't have cable, you're relying on some poor newsperson to give you all the details you need to know. Here you go.

Who are the couples?
There's Tristan Thompson, 29, who is not that Tristan Thompson. This Tristan Thompson played basketball for the University of North Texas and runs tutoring club franchises. He got married to Mia Bally, 29, an airline recruiter. We'll explore Bally more in a minute.

Then there's Danielle Bergmann, 30, whose biggest passion is taking care of dogs. She's married to Bobby Dodd, 27, who did not want to marry an older woman, but the experts paired him with an older woman anyway. He says he's not a mama's boy but a daddy's boy. Do what you want with that information.

Finally, Dave Flaherty, 37, a high-yield bond trader, thinks he will make a great dad. He married Amber Martorana, 36, a senior title analyst. She says she typically dates Dallas douches. Will Dave end up being a Dallas douche? Only time will tell. Things are looking up, however, because the two follow each other on Instagram.

How were the weddings?
They were fine.

Was everyone attracted to his or her spouse?
Yes. And Tristan Thompson was especially relieved when his wife Mia Bally wasn't "a biscuit off 350."

Biscuit off 350?
That's when a woman is one biscuit away from weighing 350 pounds.


Did anything happen behind the scenes at the weddings? Were the families nervous?
"The families weren't even able to interact with each other until time for the ceremony. They kept everybody separate," says Dakon Doggett, co-owner of Lucky Spur Ranch, the venue where the couples got married. "Nobody got to mingle until ceremony time."

How were the honeymoons? Did any of the couples consummate their marriages?
Not on the first night.

What did you want to say about Bally?
Oh, thanks for reminding me. A website called Monsters and Critics revealed July 17 that Bally was detained for a warrant out for her arrest for stalking her ex-boyfriend. On the show Tuesday night, audiences saw Bally get detained at the airport. A producer explained to Bally's new husband, Thompson, who most likely does not have his wife's phone number, that none of this came up when the producers conducted the background checks on the contestants.

Oh, really?
Yes, that really happened.

Do you think the producers/experts knew about Bally's warrant but still put her on the show to make for better TV?
Wow, glad you asked. When we spoke to Jessica Griffin, the psychologist on the show, before the first episode aired, she said the experts don't try to enhance the drama in any way.

"This isn’t that type of show," Griffin said. "I totally appreciate the question and I get it, but this isn’t that type of show at all. This is really a reality docu-series, so we are truly, truly looking for people who want love and who have not been able to find that, and I'm a psychologist by trade. I sort of fell into the television business, and this show is why I agreed to do it is because it does have a lot of heart."

What does Lifetime, the network MAFS airs on, have to say about this?
"The warrant for Mia’s arrest was filed after her background check had been completed by production," Lifetime's statement reads.

What did Mia have to say about it?
She says someone stole her car and her identity and "whoever stole my car also used my information to access whatever other charges they did — (the police officers) wouldn't tell me everything since it ended up not being me."

Well does Mia know the guy who filed the police report?
"That name doesn't even ring a bell," she tells her husband on the show.

She doesn't know him?
Well she knows of him. "I know of him," she said.

Not sure. However, there's a preview for next episode where she "comes clean" about some things.


Married At First Sight airs 8 p.m. Tuesdays on Lifetime.

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