Does Everybody Hate Chip and Joanna Gaines Now?

Do you hate them?
Do you hate them? Mike Brooks

There was a time, roughly 708 days ago, when we at the Dallas Observer published an article detailing our trip to Waco and our stay in one of the homes "fixed up" on Fixer Upper, a home remodeling show starring Chip and Joanna Gaines.

The review wasn't mean, we swear. At least we didn't think so. Honest, sure. Mean? Never. But people were angry that we didn't love old barn-style homes and waiting in an hourlong line for cupcakes. Sorry, personal preference.

The commenters on Facebook were angry every time we promoted the article, and they'd say really mean things about us and the author (who is also me).

"Haters gonna hate," one commenter wrote.

That's a Taylor Swift lyric! Good one.

"Clueless and presumptuous Dallas 'observations' on a community," another commenter wrote.


"She (the author) needs to come back down to reality, where real people are. She's probably a democrat. Hahaha," another wrote.

Wow. Politics are now involved.

But as of noon April 18, 2019, the waters have shifted, the tides have turned and dogs now walk on their hind legs because people hate Chip and Joanna Gaines. When we wrote an article announcing that Time magazine named them one of their most influential people of 2019, people had some comments to comment!

"Am I, the only one who don’t thinks her country shick style is nice. Beside it’s all the Mexican’s doing the construction and work," one commenter wrote.

Don't read the comments, folks.

"This is ridiculous. No one knows or cares who these people are," another commenter wrote.

No one?! Are you sure about that? It's Time magazine, after all.

"I cannot stand them," a woman named Mary commented.

Interesting, Mary! Because 708 days ago, people loved them.

What changed? Maybe it's that the couple is overhyped, have one too many brand deals, or — the last straw —  it's because Chip and Joanna Gaines are now friends with Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez. Maybe they're just now too Hollywood for their own Waco britches. Have they sold out? Is shiplap so 2017? Did their fifth baby send them over the edge? Maybe.

Or could it be because they are "self-serving vipers"?  that's what Dennis on Facebook believes.

He wrote: "They are self serving vipers."

Interesting assessment, though we have no clue what that means. Let us know why you hate Chip and Joanna Gaines in the comments. It's fun. But please give us better insight than Dennis.
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