Cary and Mark Deuber made Bustle's list.
Cary and Mark Deuber made Bustle's list.
courtesy Bravo

5-Day Countdown Until RHOD: Dallas Couples Rank Low on Bustle's List

Only five more days until our six favorite women return for Season 3 of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Honestly, there is not enough time to wrap our heads around it.

On Aug. 7, Bustle, an online publication, ranked Housewives couples across all cities who are married and have a strong bond.

"Now, not every woman starring in the popular Bravo series is married or dating (basically the entire Real Housewives of New York City cast is single), which of course, is absolutely fine," the article reads. "But those who are in well-known relationships and praised by fans for their strong bonds, it's time to recognize them."

Wow! We could not agree more! We better recognize and YOU better recognize, too!

Bustle's No. 11 couple, and its last couple on the list, is our very own Mark and Cary Deuber. Bustle explains that despite their hardships — like the rumors Mark is gay — they have remained a strong couple.

Bustle's No. 10 on the list is Brandi and Bryan Redmond.

"RHOD's Bryan Redmond definitely isn't as outspoken as his wife on the show, but he and Brandi have come a long way since Season 1," the article reads. "During the first season, they had a lot of arguments about Bryan being away for work and Brandi feeling alone all the time. Thankfully, they were able to work through it."


The rest of the couples on the list weren't Dallas couples, so we don't care.

Season 3 premieres at 8 p.m. Aug. 15 on Bravo.

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