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Dal Dong Nae

11445 Emerald St.
Dallas, TX 75229-2044
Critics' Pick
Dal Dong Nae +



  • 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. Tuesday-Saturday; 5 p.m.-midnight Sunday; closed Monday
  • Dinner, Late Night
  • Family Style, Takeout
If your parents were Korean and supported your drinking habit by cooking enormous meals for your returns home from long nights out, your house would probably look a lot like Dal Dong Nae. This late-night staple of Dallas Korea Town serves enormous, family-style platters of pork, bowls of raw oyster kimchi, huge simmering pans of stew, fried kimchi pancakes and other excellent ways to blunt the effects of the restaurant’s $12 soju and $4 beer.

Top pick: The seafood pancakes are very good here, as is the bit-of-everything budae jjijae (army stew) served bubbling hot.

The downside: Let’s just say the alcohol selection is not a main attraction.

Fun fact: Dal Dong Nae is open, and bustling, until 2 a.m. every night but Monday.

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