Federales | Downtown/Deep Ellum | Tex-Mex | Restaurant
Eric Mayne


Eric Mayne
Federales in not a taqueria. It’s more like a swag-dripping day club that just so happens to serve tacos. It's the dreamchild of Chicago-based hospitality group Four Corners, which has created a barrage of bars and eateries from Chi-Town to Big D.

If you approach it from Malcolm X, the harsh exterior metal cage is jarring. In front, once you get past security (yes, there are actually bouncers at the door even for an early dinner), the vibes are inescapable.

Federales stays true to its new home in Deep Ellum with industrial décor and loud cranked-up music bumping from open to close. If you are not one to heavily imbibe at happy hour or get blitzed during a weekend brunch, they do serve a variety of Tex-Mex-inspired bar food that still may get you to your happy place.

The Instagram moment here is an ice shot that you can throw at a bell - if your aim is good you'll ring the bell.