H3 Ranch

Located in the heart of Fort Worth's stockyards, H3 Ranch serves hickory-grilled steaks, rainbow trout, finger-lickin' ribs, chicken and spit-roasted pig, all good and smothered with thick Wild West nostalgia. The sweet, wood-roasted salsa is so tasty it's addictive. Some H3 recipes, like Wife of Kit Carson Soup and Oatmeal Flapjacks, are throwbacks to Cowtown's cattle-driving days. Be sure to mosey on over to Booger Red's Saloon, the accompanying bar named after legendary Texas bronc-busting champion Samuel Thomas Privett. Try Booger's popular 16-ounce Buffalo Butt Beer, a cold, refreshing tribute to the giant, beastly rear prominently mounted in the center of the bar. In case you're curious, H3 Ranch is named after the owners of a really old, established Nebraska ranch. Nebraska?

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