Loro | East Dallas & Lakewood | Barbecue, Asian | Restaurant
Alison McLean
Crunchy sweet Corn fritters


Alison McLean
Texans certainly hold their barbecue opinions close to their hearts, and it’s risky business to attempt to fuse barbecue with Asian fare and not upset fans of either cuisine. Under the guidance of Uchi’s Tyson Cole and Franklin Barbecue’s Aaron Franklin, the food at Loro soars. Menu options hopscotch between Asian influences like Karaage chicken and char siew pork belly to more traditional barbecue hits like succulent brisket or smoked turkey breast. For those who have never stood in line at Franklin’s in Austin or lack the financial wherewithal to spring for dinner at Uchi, Loro’s resplendent fare is the ideal alternative.

Top Pick: It’s only available during lunch and happy hour, but Loro serves one of the best smashed burgers in the city, topped with Muenster cheese and a decadent brisket jam.