Mignon | Plano | Steak, French | Restaurant


A French steakhouse overlooking a lake is perhaps not something one expects to find in Plano, but Mignon is just that. It’s possible to imagine you’re somewhere other than a suburban strip mall when dining here -- provided you can ignore the view of the Walgreen’s across the street and all the Lexus SUVs parked out front, of course. The walls are covered with artwork of French people as imagined by Americans; you know, riding Vespas while carrying baguettes and stuff like that. The expansive menu includes French classics like escargots, steak au poivre, and pommes frites alongside more Tex-American dishes such as bacon-wrapped quail, a 24-ounce “cowboy” rib-eye and creamed corn with bacon. Is brunch a thing in France? We’re not sure, but it’s definitely popular in Plano, and Mignon caters to the midday crowd with fried oysters Benedict, candied pecan pancakes and chicken and waffles. How very Parisian.

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