Milagro Taco Cantina | West Dallas | Mexican | Restaurant
Brian Reinhart

Milagro Taco Cantina

Lauren Drewes Daniels
This second iteration of the once-popular taqueria, Tacos Mariachi, just a stone’s throw away from the original, reprised much of the menu along with a whole new slate of ceviche tostadas and a shrimp burger that comes topped with chicharron crumbles and a jalapeño glaze. The standards include a filet of smoked salmon wrapped in griddled cheese. The shrimp taco, or “taco gobernador” on the menu, is topped with a sweet-sour pickled red onions, pico and a punchy salsa.

Top Pick: The campechano, a surf-and-turf combination of carne asada, octopus and shrimp.