Scardello Artisan Cheese

A Dallas mainstay and culinary destination for decades, Scardello stands out from other cheese shops with owner/cheese master Rich Rogers' dedication to American cheeses and Texas dairies and creameries--with some European farmstead cheese thrown in for good measure. Here you won't find the confusing, over-stimulating selections touted as tres chic by area gourmet supermarkets and their aloof staffs. Customers flock here not just for the exquisitely curated selections but for the infectious giddiness of Rogers and his staff. True to its roots--the shop is named after the owner's grandfather--when you walk into the warm space framed by exposed brick, you're family. Customers can taste anything in the case, order fresh sandwiches like Stewart's Cheddar Press made with Texas Royal Cheddar, rent picnic baskets, join the cheese-of-the-month club as well as purchase accompaniments like craft beer, wine and crackers for cheese boards.

Restaurant Details