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The Best Cheese in Dallas for National Cheese Lovers Day

Queso fundido at Beto & Son
Queso fundido at Beto & Son Angie Quebedeaux
Cheese. We’re absolutely obsessed with it even though it is fundamentally just decay and decomposition. And yet, we love it. We long for it. We live for it. It’s why we break diets, grill bread and eat macaroni. Cheese brings us so much happiness that it’s even the word we use to make people smile when posing for pictures.

People have been eating cheese forever; the production of cheese predates recorded history. The earliest record of cheese making dates back more than 7,000 years ago in what is now Poland when people transported milk and stored it in sheep’s stomachs. Left to sit for a few days, the proteins would separate into curds and whey.

Whether it’s the taste, the billion and one different types of cheese available or just the fact that there is a cheese drawer in nearly every refrigerator today, there is something about cheese that most humans can’t resist.

In honor of National Cheese Lovers Day, here are some fun places to check out all things centered on this beloved hunk of dairy.

Scardello Artisan Cheese
3511 Oak Lawn Ave. (Uptown) and Dallas Farmer’s Market

We’ve all driven by Scardello’s on Oak Lawn, but if you’ve never stopped to check them out, you’re missing out. This specialty cheese shop has more than 150 different kinds of European and American-crafted cheeses. They offer numerous in-person (temporarily paused due to COVID) and virtual classes for those who want to dive in and learn more about cheese, different varieties, different regions and great pairings. They also offer cheese platters for a party. We love their cheese kit, where the cheese monger chooses a few of their favorites, dried fruits, nuts and crackers. It’s like an omakase for cheese lovers.

The Mozzarella Co.
2944 Elm St. (Deep Ellum)

Paula Lambert started The Mozzarella Co. in 1982, after returning from studying Italian and art history in Italy. She started the company by simply making mozzarella and over the years has expanded to produce almost 200,000 pounds a year, all made by hand by her team in Dallas. You can purchase cheese directly from their store in Deep Ellum as well as other retail outlets . They also offer a cheese of the month club as well as a hands-on cheese making class or a cheese pairing class with wine, beer or cider.
Amor y Queso
2932 Main St. (Deep Ellum)

From their small storefront in Deep Ellum, Amor y Queso provides cheese boxes, boards and tables made with a variety of meats, cheese, fresh and dried fruits, olives, nuts, spreads, chocolates and bread. Right now they have a beautiful goat cheese sourced from Farm Stoehr Goat Dairy in Scurry mixed in house with honey and fresh thyme. Their minis are only $15. If your dream night is a glass of wine with your own private cheese board on the couch, this is your home. Get a $50 box to push you through the weekend. Use their website to order ahead.
click to enlarge The cheese options at Central Market are overwhelming in the most wonderful way. - ANGIE QUEBEDEAUX
The cheese options at Central Market are overwhelming in the most wonderful way.
Angie Quebedeaux
Central Market
Various Locations

There are easily 500 different kinds of cheese available at Central Market, and you’ll be hard pressed to not find one you love. Cheeses are available from regions around the world, and if you find yourself unable to choose, their cheese monger will help you navigate and find the perfect one for your liking, whether it’s a Manchego cheese, bleu cheese, goat cheese or something you’ve never heard of. Also, if you’re looking to pull together a quick cheese board for an impromptu gathering, you can purchase a Bring Your Own Cheese Platter for $40, which comes with three cheeses, crackers and a confit, honey or preserves.
click to enlarge Precious wonderful blocks of cheese at Eataly. - ANGIE QUEBEDEAUX
Precious wonderful blocks of cheese at Eataly.
Angie Quebedeaux
8687 N. Central Expressway (NorthPark)

Italy boasts a long tradition of cheesemaking, from the crumbly, aged Parmigiano Reggiano to the earthy taleggio and sharp pecorino. And the best place to source Italian cheese is none other than Eataly. In December 2020 they opened their Dallas location and ever since they’ve been introducing us to a rotating selection of about 250 cheeses (more than 1,000 will be offered during any given year).

Dallas Grilled Cheese Co.
310 W. 7th St. (Bishop Arts) and 5319 E. Mockingbird Lane (Mockingbird Station)

Grilled cheese sandwiches are the great equalizer amongst us. We have all had them, whether rich or poor, young or old. And the Dallas Grilled Cheese Co. is all about reimagining this iconic sandwich. Whether you like the simple classic melted cheese between two slices of grilled white bread or you like something a bit more refined like the brie and bacon grilled cheese, the Dallas Grilled Cheese Co. has it.

Ten:One Artisan Cheese
515 South Locust St. (Denton)

If you’re in the Denton area, you must check out Ten:One Artisan Cheese. Named the Best Cheese Shop by the Dallas Observer in 2020, it is worth the trip north. They source cheese from around the world. Cheeses are cut to order and the options change on a regular basis. In addition to buying individual cheeses, they offer custom-made cheese boards with bread from a local bakery and house-made additions. They also offer a different grilled cheese sandwich every Wednesday, and while we haven’t been able to make it there that one day of the week, their social media pictures of the sandwiches are drool-worthy.
click to enlarge The twice fried chicken and melted cheese at Ddong Ggo. - KATHY TRAN
The twice fried chicken and melted cheese at Ddong Ggo.
Kathy Tran
Ddong Ggo
2625 Old Denton Road (Carrollton)

Who needs the Texas State Fair when you can have the Cheese Island (i.e., Korean fried chicken wing fondue) from Ddong Ggo’s in Carrollton? Cheese Island is a house specialty dish that could easily be featured on Man vs. Food. It arrives at your table in an iron skillet loaded with shredded white cheese, double-fried Korean chicken wings and a pile of fries. The skillet is placed on a table burner and once the cheese has melted, you dunk your chicken wings and fries into the melted cheese.
click to enlarge The Cheese X at GAPCo is available Jan. 20 - 23. - COURTESY OF GREENVILLE AVENUE PIZZA COMPANY
The Cheese X at GAPCo is available Jan. 20 - 23.
Courtesy of Greenville Avenue Pizza Company
Greenville Ave Pizza Co.
Various Locations

To celebrate National Cheese Lovers Day, GAPCo has concocted "The Cheese X” because, you see, it features 10 kinds of cheese. Yes, really. Those 10 cheeses include Grande whole milk mozzarella, GAPCo's mozzarella blend, Gouda, feta, fire cheese, goat cheese, ricotta, Parmesan, cheddar and Grande flor di latte. The pie is then finished with a sprinkle of oregano and Pizza Crack. That's a lot of cheese and it’s spicy, but it all comes together to create one delicious pizza. The Cheese X pizza will be available Jan. 20-23 at all GAPCo locations, so don't miss your chance to try it for yourself. A 12-inch pizza is $25 while the large 16-incher is $28.

Beto & Son
3011 Gulden Lane (Trinity Groves)

It’s tough to have more cheese than a bubbling hot skillet of queso fundido. At Beto & Son, they serve it with a blend of Mexican cheese, chorizo, sliced poblano peppers and a cilantro pesto that is screaming for you to stuff it into a warm fresh flour tortilla.
click to enlarge Taquero's queso Oaxaca - ALISON MCLEAN
Taquero's queso Oaxaca
Alison McLean
5434 Ross Ave.

Last year we wrote about Taquero's queso Oaxaca. The name here is a little misleading because it doesn't have any Oaxacan cheese in it. But the mixture of mozzarella, queso asadero and white cheddar topped with charred corn and brisket does the trick. And the presentation is beautiful to boot.

The Truck Yard
5624 Sears St. (Lower Greenville) and 5959 Grove Lane (The Colony)

The Truck Yard is a come-as-you-are beer garden, adult playground and venue for awesome people-watching. In addition to their rotation of food trucks, they offer one of the most delicious cheesesteaks in town. You can choose from rib-eye, chicken, or veggie and top it with veggies, and your choice of provolone cheese, American cheese, or Cheese Whiz. (Pro tip: go for the Whiz).

Val’s Cheesecakes
2820 Greenville Ave. (Lower Greenville)

If savory cheese isn’t your thing, there is always cheesecake and Val’s Cheesecakes has some of the best in town with a variety of flavors by the slice, individual jars or a whole cheesecake. You can now BYOS (build your own slice) where you can add up to three toppings on each slice.
click to enlarge The queso asado at Urban Taco - LAUREN DREWES DANIELS
The queso asado at Urban Taco
Lauren Drewes Daniels
Urban Taco
5331 E. Mockingbird Lane, Ste. 125 (Mockingbird Station)

Ever had a slab of cheese that you just can't stop thinking about? Yeah, us too. This chorizo queso asado at Urban Taco was a memorable moment. This slab of panela cheese, which is a soft white cheese made from skim milk, is topped with chorizo, al pastor, jalapeños and salsa. The warm house-made tortillas are what brings this moment to full fruition. 
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Angie Quebedeaux is a freelance food writer for the Observer. A "ragin' Cajun" from Lafayette, she's been in Dallas since 2002. She is an HR director by day and loves to “laissez les bon temps rouler.”