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Lauren Drewes Daniels

Sclafani's New York Bagels and Sandwiches

Lauren Drewes Daniels
Sclafani's has a full menu of breakfast and lunch sandwiches in addition to bagels and schmears. All the sandwiches have New York themes. The Park Avenue comes with smoked salmon, choice of schmear, tomato, onion and capers. The Sinatra comes with just egg and cheese.

The bagels at Scalfani's have a little snap from the exterior and are dense in the middle. Each bite has some bounce to it. These bagels are thick, too. At home it was easy to slice one on the horizontal not once but twice, rendering three "slices" of one bagel. Toasted then slathered in a fatty butter, it was wonderful.

Schmears can be bought in large or small to-go containers. There are both savory and sweet variations from garden veggie to birthday cake. We can vouch for honey walnut, and that it's good enough to eat off a spoon alone, not that we'd do that. We tried a Beastie Boys Burger on a cheddar bagel (even though the NYC rappers are all vegetarian or vegan). The burger had a flame-broiled flavor to it and definitely rose above our burger-at-a-bagel-shop expectations.

Sclafani's also serves gourmet coffee.