Courtesy Sushi Robata

Sushi Robata

This North Dallas Japanese restaurant is an all-rounder, serving very good examples of just about everything you could want. The ramen is some of the best in Dallas — more flavorful and less aggressively salty than bowls from many ramen specialists — and the specialty sushi rolls don’t go over-the-top. They do include unusual preparations, though, like multiple rolls with crawfish. Robatayaki-grilled meats and veggies are solid bets, too, as are ultra-traditional sushi rolls like big, thick futomaki. Sushi Robata is across-the-board reliable in a wide array of Japanese cuisine.

Top pick: Look for unusual specials and sushi pieces like engawa (the edge of a flounder’s tail), ankimo (monkfish liver pate), sea eel and a spectacular piece of sushi filled to the brim with salmon roe.

Fun fact: This is one of the most comfortable dining rooms in Dallas. It’s just a pleasure to eat here, especially in the last few years, when the crowds drifted away to trendier spots. Sushi Robata is also unusually quiet; from the architecture to the way the kitchen uses a lantern instead of a bell to summon waitstaff, everything about the place is designed to keep the volume down.

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