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Tacos La Banqueta

2621 Hemphill St.
Fort Worth, TX 76110
Best Of
It’s nothing to look at, but La Banqueta is without a doubt one of the best authentic taquerías in all of Dallas/Fort Worth. Stop in for lunch and check out their suadero tacos. The kitchen braises the meat in a simple blend of spices, chops the meat up when it’s tender and then holds it till you place your order. When your ticket is pulled the cook throws a spoonful of suadero down on an oiled grill to crisp up into one of the most delicious taco fillings you may ever encounter. If you’re not in the mood for beef, pastor is similarly addictive, but all the tacos here are great, especially when topped with one of their green or red salsas. Fiery hot and vibrant with acid, the squeeze bottles of red and green could wake up even the sleepiest of Mexican cooking. You’ll never eat at Taco Bueno again.

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