The Doughnut Touch My Coffees and Cream
Danny Gallagher
The Doughnut Touch My Coffees and Cream

The Yard Milkshake Bar

This over-the-top delicious dessert bar offers a variety of different dinner desserts like ice cream, edible cookie dough and sundaes in lactose-laden and vegan varieties. But just like the name implies its milkshakes are the star attraction.

Each of its specialty milkshakes is served in a pint jar (not a glass, an actual jar) with some kind of frozen liquid sweetness coated on the rim like a Candy Land margarita. Then, it's crowned with a towering set of toppings depending on which one you order.

For instance, The Mermaid is a birthday cake ice cream shake topped with whipped cream, a stick of rock candy and a mermaid tail made out of white chocolate. The Texas Twister, an exclusive location flavor, is a cookies 'n cream concoction served with an entire white chocolate-dipped cone, a tuft of cotton candy and a chocolate cow.

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