Town Hearth | Uptown/Oak Lawn | Modern American, Steak | Restaurant
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Town Hearth

Kathy Tran
Let's get one thing clear right away: "Town Hearth" is not at all a cozy den for the people to gather about for warmth; either metaphorically or physically. Rather, it's the chandelier of restaurants in the middle of the bedazzled city, over the top in almost every way (even the bathrooms are amazing). From the Ducati over the bar to the $175 42-ounce bistecca (a short loin porter) to a tater-tot side dish topped with Dungeness crab and hollandaise sauce, this steakhouse exemplifies Dallas exuberance. As with all of chef Nick Badovinus' restaurants, it's a devilish take on opulence. Because why not? Top Pick: If the wood-roasted lobster isn't in the budget, grab a seat at the bar for a phenomenal burger and a cocktail. Then soak in the glow from the eleventy thousand glistening bulbs from the flock of chandeliers over the dining room. And be sure to make a trip to the restrooms.