35 Denton Outdoor Stages Evacuated, Solange Indoors: Live Blog

Just Kidding! 8:17: Solange is inside at The Hive, officially. Again: Solange will perform inside.

Final update, 7:40 p.m. Killer Mike is at The Hive at 8 p.m. and Solange will be on Main Stage One at 9 p.m. Registration is open at Little Guys Movers next to Dan's Silverleaf. We're ditching the computer and heading to The Hive. Special thanks to Melissa Mackaly of Sugar Derby Mobile for lending us her computer, thereby making this live blog possible. Check out her stuff -- she has awesome glassware. See you all tomorrow.

There is a severe thunderstorm warning in effect in Denton right now, possibly bringing with it high winds and a risk of hail. A.Dd+ is performing in their scheduled, 5 p.m. slot at one of the outdoor stages, but the Cannabinoids have been moved to The Hive. A full updated schedule is below.

We've got Megan Morris, Gavin Cleaver, photographer Sara Blankenship (making do with her iPhone) and Deb Doing Dallas out on the festival grounds right now, and I (Kiernan Maletsky) have taken over manning this blog. Keep it here for up-to-the-minute information.

5:01: Really windy now all of a sudden.

5:07: Two dogs are fighting. They know what's coming.

5:08: An official schedule update is in from 35 Denton. It is as follows:

The Cannibanoids feat./ Sarah Jaffe will now perform at 6 p.m. at The Hive.

Killer Mike will perform at 8pm on Main Stage 2. He's now at The Hive at 8 p.m.

Solange will perform at 9pm on Main Stage 1.

A.Dd+ will perform at their original time and location.

5:10: A.Dd+ stage does not look stable to me!

5:14: Crowd for A.Dd+ is way smaller than it should be.

5:15: Stuff is covered, but no one seems to give a shit about the weather.

5:17: Unreasonably dark and foreboding out here. Something's in the air and it's not just the weed haze that accompanies A.Dd+ everywhere.

5:18: Vendors have been given multiple warnings to be semipacked by 6:30. Everyone is just hanging out, though.

5:25: Hail is looking like it could possibly start around 6 p.m.

5:27: The wind is picking up even more; A.Dd+ kicks ass.

5:33: Staff say they've been told to take down the banners.

5:38: Police don't know much beyond, "We're gonna get wet." And yes, that is a direct quote.

5:43: Announcement from the stage: Ping-pong sized hail and 60 mph winds are coming. We are being told to leave the festival grounds and seek shelter.

5:56 Festival grounds have been cleared out.

5:59 Crowd at the Hive for Cannabinoids and Sarah Jaffe is "nuts". They're holding them back until it's full.

6:03 UNT photography organization Parallax continues their exhibit, set up in a U-Haul by Torchy's. What's hail?

6:09 Storm may be coming, but right now it's warm and breezy.

6:13 By our reckoning, there are over 500 people in line for the Hive.

6:18 "We're going to get wet in ten minutes" is the official word.

6:22 Still plenty of barstools and crawfish at Hoochie's next door if you're thinking about waiting out the enormous, slow-moving line for the Hive.

6:25The sky is black in three directions. Lightning coming with greater frequency. Shelter is starting to seem like a good idea. And.... here comes the rain.

6:26 Weather announcement in line for the Hive. Apparently everyone in line will be able to get in. The band is holding off until everyone is inside and safe from the weather. The booths to buy tickets and wristbands are closed so anyone who wants to try and get in right now is out of luck. Aubrey Chester, concert attendee, said she was unable to obtain a pass. "I mean they weren't rude about it," says Chesner. "They said right now, since the weather is so bad, they had to shut down, but after the weather has passed everything will be back on schedule. Even people who bought their passes online couldn't get in.

6:30 People are huddling together under umbrellas, others are walking into Roosters soaking wet. Temperature has dropped dramatically.

6:33 Dan's is the spot to be. Smiles everywhere and The Band on the PA.

6:35: Steven Lewis is in such high spirits on the Dan's patio that I can't tell what he's sincere about and when he's just carried away/yanking my chain. So there's that, but here's what he says about the lack of fucks he has to give about this weather: "I just figured I'd hunker down in a porta-potty, Holocaust-style, then go back and see bands."

"I'm not worried. I brought a hairdryer. It's tucked. You know, like a drag queen. I'm ready to party."

6:39 Prekindle reporting that box office is temporarily closed due to weather.

6:40Water is flowing down the curb an inch deep, but things seem to be calming down.

6:49: The Hive might not have been the best place to put Sarah Jaffe and the Cannabanoids. The downpour of the rain on the warehouse is distracting. The acoustics may not be great, but the fans are still excited to see her.

6:52: The Hive seems desperate to make the line shorter and has ordered all minors to leave. If you're not over 21, don't bother trying to get in. They're checking wristbands and IDs at the door.

7:02: A.Dd+ has just taken the stage at The Hive.

7:06: It's pretty apocalyptic out right now. Not sure where the night is taking us at this point.

7:18: Unofficially, we're hearing that the registration is moving to Little Guys movers next to Dan's. Don't know exactly when it will open.

7:24: According to weather radar images, we've got one more wave of rain, then it's all clear.

7:27: They're not even trying to use the capacity counter. Which is fair enough -- it's crazy out there. Here, we'll help you out: The Hive is fucking packed.

7:30: Via the 35 Denton Twitter feed: "Wristband registration will re-open as soon as the weather clears. Watch this space for updates!"

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