Adventures In The Vinyl Trade: Doc's Records' Dave Howard

Every so often, we get to wondering what people in the local music community do all day. So, we asked them. Today, Ken Shimamoto checks in with Doc's Records employee Dave Howard, and learns a little about the life of a record store clerk in 2012.

I grew up in record stores: from the musty, dusty spot where my dad used to buy his opera records, to the Sam Goody's in the mall that seemed like it must have had every record ever made, to the "underground" record store where I worked as a teenager. I learned a lot thumbing through the racks and listening to the chatter of the people who worked and shopped in those stores - probably as much as I did from perusing rock mags.

When I moved to Dallas in '78, I briefly worked at Peaches Records and Tapes at Cole and Fitzhugh, then moved to Fort Worth to open a record store at 6393 Camp Bowie Blvd., which the man that brought me here would run for the next 25 years under four different corporations (Peaches, Sound Warehouse, Blockbuster Music, and Wherehouse Music). I worked there, off and on, under three of those logos.

Back in July 2009, I was thrilled to learn there was a record store opening in my Fort Worth neighborhood. Doc's Records and Vintage is a mom 'n' pop - or, more precisely, dad 'n' son - that retired dentist Jerry Boyd and his son Jenkins Boyd operated in Hurst for several years before relocating to 2111 Montgomery St. I was able to experience a thrill I hadn't expected to enjoy again in this lifetime: walking home with a vinyl LP under my arm. It was like being 14 again.

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Ken Shimamoto
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