Bonus MP3: Hello Lover -- "Dr. D"

Bonus MP3: Hello Lover -- "Dr. D"

Tonight at the Double Wide, self-proclaimed local "sex rock" outfit Hello Lover will take to the stage to celebrate the release of its new self-titled affair.

Should be a relatively well-attended affair, too, what with the Double Wide generally serving as home base for the band's generally booze-influence performance hijinx--but also because the band's been able to add the always captivating live show of The Crash That Took Me to the bill. So there's that.

As for Hello Lover? Well, we've been pretty lukewarm to the band in the past--given the party atmosphere the band surrounds itself in while playing on stage, the performances can be pretty hit-or-miss. Unfortunately, the misses tend to land pretty far off the mark. But when the band hits? Well, in those cases, it makes for a pretty entertaining show, with the dark, brooding grooves the band usually revels in taking center stage.

Which makes the band's new EP a pretty interesting study, as it, by nature, takes the band out of that party environment. And, as such, it actually makes for a pretty interesting--and yes, more stable--listen. Expect a full-on review of the EP in an upcoming issue of the Observer,  but, in the meantime, take a moment to listen to "Dr. D" one of the tracks off the new disc. The band was kind enough to pass the song along as a free download for DC9 readers. Check it out after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

Hello Lover -- "Dr. D"

It's a deliberately paced effort from the band, but a compelling one thanks to the interplay between the plodding bass lines and shimmering guitar riffs.

And, of course, it includes lyrical come ons. Really: These guys really aren't kidding when they call their music "sex rock."

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