Bonus MP3: Ronnie Fauss -- "To Ease My Mind"

In a region filled to the PBR-soaked brim with alt-country talent, there's much to be said for an artist that manages to stand out above the crowd.

Take, for a killer example, East Dallas' Ronnie Fauss. He's been on a serious roll lately, and has displayed a deft and delicate touch when it comes to the more somber side of singer/songwriter inflected Americana. And, given the fact that many of his area gigs are of the solo-acoustic variety, it stands to reason that much of his catalog has leaned in that direction, largely eschewing the more rollicking, southern-rocking traits that make up so many country records that effectively crank it up.

Until now, that is.

Fauss' two, previous releases, New Songs for the Old Frontier, Vol. 1 and I Can't Make You Happy, won him many a blogger-fan from various parts of the globe. And, with some trans-Atlantic love propelling him, Fauss's new EP, Mulligan, finds him comfortably stomps on a few pedals in order to steer himself into a new sonic direction.

It's not that all of Fauss' songs are plodding, morose tales--far from it. It's just that his sheer wattage hasn't been as powerful as it is with the new collection. Give "To Ease My Mind," the opening tune from Mulligan below, which Fauss was kind enough to pass along as a free download, a listen to see what we mean.

Bonus mp3:

Ronnie Fauss -- "To Ease My Mind"

Be sure to head out to Opening Bell Coffee on Saturday night, where, Fauss will be celebrating the release of this fine, six-song EP on a bill he'll share with fellow singer-songwriter, Trey Johnson.

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